Frequently Asked Questions

As busy professionals with family duties, we find it increasingly difficult to remember about regular yet important medical appointments. For instance, it is important to do regular dental scaling every 6 months. Yet, it may not be possible to know one’s schedule 6 months in advance.

A Bot that reminds you about an upcoming appointment is helpful and gives you flexibility to contact your service providers for the necessary appointments.

We were born from ATA Medical’s tech team where we work on various tech initiatives for the company.

In simple terms,
  • We want to make remembering important and recurring appointments easy.
  • Additionally, in line with our website,'s mission, we would like to make booking your medical or health screening appointments with us a breeze.
  • More than 90% of our patients are able to get an appointment confirmation within 10 minutes of messaging us on WhatsApp.
How do you accomplish this with
  • In our Telegram reminders, there is a direct link to our handle @atamedicalsg on Telegram. This allows you to reach out to us directly to book health screening appointments. You should be able to get an appointment confirmation briefly after messaging us.

Sure, feel free to! If this Bot is helpful, we would definitely be happy to see others benefit from it. :)

Telegram is the next preferred messaging service after WhatsApp, and has high usage rates amongst Singaporeans. Apart from that, creating a Telegram Bot was the easiest way forward to validate our idea.

These reminders have been worked into our pipelines. We will update this website when it’s done.

We store data about your username, first and last name as provided to us by Telegram. This allows us to send your reminders in a personalised manner.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you may also opt not to create a username on Telegram, or not to use your real name on Telegram.